Lucida Sans Unicode & Hebrew Hyphen Maqaf

James Kass jameskass at
Wed May 4 17:12:10 CDT 2022

On 2022-05-04 9:36 PM, Erwin Denissen via Unicode wrote:
> > I tend to agree. Looking at U+05BE in Lucida Sans Unicode in the OTM
> > Light font inspector, I see ADW (advance width) as 0. This is of course
> > a bug in the font, and it causes the character to be overprinted on the
> > preceding character. When it is beth, you don’t really see it.
> Actually the AW is 862, but since the glyph is set as being a mark, it 
> is forced to zero.

To clarify, in OpenType parlance a "base glyph" is a single character 
spacing glyph.  A "mark glyph" is a non-spacing combining glyph.  So any 
spacing glyph which is orthographically considered a mark must be 
defined as a 'base glyph' in a font's GDEF table.

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