A teletext control codes encoding suggestion

Sławomir Osipiuk sosipiuk at gmail.com
Tue Jan 4 16:12:32 CST 2022

But what if I want to display a literal tilde followed by capital A and G in my teletext page without changing colour? This proposal has no method to escape the "controls".

If the idea is just "use existing Unicode characters in special combinations to encode functionality" (and a lot of Mr. Overington's ideas seem to revolve around this) then why not use one of the innumerable EXISTING standards which use special combinations of characters? I seem to recall one that uses greater-than and less-than signs to surround key-value pairs, something like <font color="green">.

Or if that's too space-inefficient, Harriet Riddle's idea of using the C1 control space along with the proper ISO-2022 designation is about as compact as it gets, and stays closest to the spirit of control characters.

There's no compelling reason for yet another markup. "Reuse" is not a dirty concept.

Sławomir Osipiuk

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