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Thu Apr 14 07:31:24 CDT 2022

Peter Constable wrote:

> And Windows has had this type of authentication UI since Windows 8: 
> it’s called “picture password”.

Until I read that sentence I had never known of "picture password".

As far as I can tell the nearest presently existing Microsoft facility 
on my laptop computer that is running Windows 10 to what I am suggesting 
is the on-screen keyboard facility.

The facility that I am suggesting would work in a similar way to the 
Microsoft on-screen keyboard in that the response to a click on a glyph 
would output a Unicode character. The difference being that each of the 
characters available would be an emoji character, thus a 
script-independent and language independent character.

Maybe a copy of the source code of the Microsoft on-screen keyboard 
could be adapted to produce what I am suggesting, just changing the 
layout and changing the set of characters that can be keyed.

As I cannot do that myself I am not going to speculate upon how 
difficult that would be to do by a person expert in that type of 

William Overington

Thursday 14 April 2022

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