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Given that the Klingon language is perhaps oriented to Star Trek 
stories, I wondered whether the Klingon language would be able to 
express things such as colours.
For example, please consider the poem that I wrote that is featured on 
page 1 of the following thread.
An internet search gave the following web page.
Now in that page is the following,
> The color violet, or purple, is not actually a Klingon color. Klingon 
> for the Galactic Traveler has the following to say on the subject: 
> “The fact that neither SuD nor Doq includes what is called ‘violet’ or 
> ‘purple’ in Federation Standard may be related to Klingon 
> physiology—that is, exactly how the Klingon eye processes different 
> wavelengths of light.”

I do not know what the science fiction details of that are, but 
whatever, it would seem that if, in a science fiction story, a Klingon 
stood on earth and saw a rainbow, then it would not appear how some of 
us see a rainbow. Which raises the question of how does a rainbow look 
to a human who has colour vision disability?
So I got to thinking, if there were an alien race where the people could 
see colours as many humans see them but also could see colours of 
electromagnetic radiation beyond the visible spectrum of humans, such 
people might see a rainbow as wider and perhaps more beautiful, or maybe 
with edge colours that seemed awful. How could a poem about a rainbow 
and its colours written by one of those people be translated into a 
language now in use on earth?
Can the poem that I wrote be translated into Klingon, with the season of 
the year and the colours of the rainbow?
Is there any Klingon poetry that expresses colours?
A helpful gentleman informed me of the following link to a video about 
colour and languages.

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