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Note that Microsoft provided a pIqaD version of the Bing translator as part of the Klingon translation, using the PUA conscript codepoints.  It was ‘my’ font, though it was also available for free.  It was up for years, though as developers working on it moved it isn’t currently up.  But Microsoft had an agreement 😊  (I know there are translation quality issues, that’s out of my control).

There was a brief conversation of the encoding at that time, but, like Mark’s efforts, it didn’t really get to the right people to sign off.

I do think that Mark makes some good points about the current language of the rejection perhaps being a bit off-putting for any future discussions should someone be able to contact the right person at Paramount.  IMO, perhaps it would be good to formally propose it again, and get a rejection that explicitly notes the primary concern is around the IP.  And hopefully doesn’t otherwise impugn the worthiness of the proposal.


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On 9/18/21 8:25 PM, Peter Constable via Unicode wrote:

Consider some professional but small type foundry. Are they going to want to create fonts and sell licenses when there’s a question as to whether Paramount might go after them?

Consider a large software / device vendor: will their legal departments sign off on supporting the script?

These would seem to be their decisions, not yours.  Type foundries rip off one another's designs all the time in all sorts of scripts, but that doesn't affect encodability.  Moreover, I point out again that it's *already being done* by people who are apparently willing to take the risk even before Unicode encodes things.  They'll probably carry on doing so afterward as well.  If nobody else does, well, that's for the invisible hand of capitalism to influence.

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