Klingon and literature

Ken Whistler kenwhistler at sonic.net
Mon Sep 20 16:54:23 CDT 2021

Well, there definitely is some Klingon love poetry. Not sure that rhyme 
has much to do with it.

bav qojmeyvam / be jachmey / 'u' nIHHoch / Qam Huj ("From this pit / 
agony screams / to include / all that it can.")

In any case, you can have a go at it. Try yopwaH "pants", ropyaH 
"infirmary", chuyDaH "thrusters", and pu'DaH "phaser banks". ;-)


On 9/20/2021 1:45 PM, William_J_G Overington via Unicode wrote:
> So can any such effect be shown in Klingon poetry with words that 
> rhyme in Klingon yet do not rhyme in English?

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