Difference between Klingon and Tengwar

Mark E. Shoulson mark at kli.org
Sun Sep 19 19:07:51 CDT 2021

On 9/19/21 5:05 PM, Christoph Päper via Unicode wrote:
> Sławomir Osipiuk via Unicode:
>> Additionally, the issue of "dignity" (…) is real. A script intended to aid the speakers of a natural
>> language (…), to preserve a centuries-old cultural history, or to assist people who cannot communicate via standard speech, will be seen as noble and positive. A script invented as part of a fictional work, and adopted only by eccentric fans of that work, will be seen generally as trivial and weird.
> That’d be “geekism”. It’s no less arrogant and ignorant than any other kind of cultural chauvinism.
YES!  Thank you.
> I’m pretty sure that if Marc Okrand had devised a special letter or diacritic mark to be used to transliterate Klingon with roman letters, it would have been added to Unicode twenty-something years ago. I mean, 🖖 is there and almost all that’s been said above could be said about this gesture as well. Being a complete alphabetic script shouldn’t change anything about that.

Good point (about if Okrand had invented a diacritic).  Then it would 
have been something used by a noted scholar (still, only one noted 
scholar, and Unicode tries to avoid idiosyncratic inventions used only 
by their inventors—with some exceptions, like the Ormulum, because 
sometimes it's important!)  Has it been confirmed that Klingon fans lack 
noted scholars?  We have had at least one well-known linguist (apart 
from Okrand) write for the KLI's journal, back when it had one.


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