Difference between Klingon and Tengwar

Mark E. Shoulson mark at kli.org
Thu Sep 16 21:54:04 CDT 2021

These ideas have been suggested before, more or less.  Certainly using a 
different name.  There already exist fonts with radically different 
styles (see the link in my previous letter to book covers of books by 
DeSDu'.  For that matter, DeSDu' himself prefers to write Klingon in 
pIqaD even by hand, and has developed his hand-written style for it.)

But I don't think that appeals to logic and law will sway "Unicode's 
legal," to the extent there is one, and I can't honestly blame them for 
that.  Reasonable or not, I can understand the fear of awakening the 
dragon.  But can we get some recognition that but for that issue, at 
least *maybe*?


On 9/16/21 6:54 AM, James Kass via Unicode wrote:
> "Klingon" is an English word and can be found in many on-line 
> dictionaries.  But if the word "Klingon" raises IP concerns, call it 
> something else.
> The glyphs used in fonts I've seen all seem to be closely based on the 
> highly stylized glyphs used in film/TV.  As such, maybe it's another 
> IP concern.  So use a different font in the proposals and charts, like 
> in a different style, based on the distinctive shapes and strokes.  
> Maybe something cursive or hand lettered with a pen or brush instead 
> of whatever implement was used to make those original, highly stylized 
> glyphs.
> Run this by Unicode's legal and leave CBS/Paramount out of the loop.  
> If Unicode's legal can find any other potential IP issues, list them 
> and let the proposers address them.

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