Difference between Klingon and Tengwar

Lorna Evans lorna_evans at sil.org
Thu Sep 16 14:11:14 CDT 2021

> The "dignity" issue might come up on this list, but for UTC, the IP issue is the biggest blocking issue, and there hasn't been any new information submitted to Unicode indicating any progress toward resolving that.

If my understanding and memory is correct, Mandombe has a similar issue 
blocking the encoding: L2/16-019

Bottom of page 1 says:

> There are published texts in and about Mandombe, one of which carries 
> the title, Mandombe: écriture négro-africaine [Wabeladio Payi 1996]. 
> It has been suggested that the copyright on at least some of these 
> texts be voluntarily withdrawn, in order to allow for the encoding 
> proposal to go forward in the UTC and with ISO, on the grounds that 
> for implementation to proceed a script cannot be copyrighted. Putting 
> aside the issue of whether the copyright should be withdrawn, it is an 
> open question as to whether a copyright once asserted for a textual 
> work can in fact be withdrawn. The closest that any publisher might be 
> able to achieve in practice is to assign the work a CC0 license.
> 2
> With respect to statements given on p. 29 of the previous proposal 
> L2/11-053, no requests for funding are currently being made to 
> facilitate future utilization of the Mandombe script.

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