Difference between Klingon and Tengwar

William_J_G Overington wjgo_10009 at btinternet.com
Wed Sep 15 14:30:25 CDT 2021

Doug Ewell wrote:

> ... whereas the "dignity" issue is a matter of perception, and no 
> amount of work that Mark or anyone else does can disprove or change 
> that.

Well maybe I can, by pointing out that companies meeting together to 
agree common standards is defined as being allowed on the basis that it 
is helpful to consumers.

So an attitude of, well alright, we think it is a bit (redacted) but, 
well ... if it makes some consumers happy to be able to have it encoded 
in Unicode, even though we think it's a bit (redacted) we are going to 
encode it because we are not here to stop people's harmless enjoyment of 
life and pursuit of happiness. They've been on about it for many years 
so let's just get it done and move onto other things.


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