Difference between Klingon and Tengwar

Doug Ewell doug at ewellic.org
Wed Sep 15 14:17:44 CDT 2021

Mark E. Shoulson wrote:

> Do you think that
> https://www.unicode.org/L2/L2016/16329-piqad-returns.pdf does *not*
> provide some evidence that the situation re: use of Klingon has
> changed materially?  It's hard to see that position, but we can at
> least discuss it.  Evidence *has* been provided to try to make the
> point, as requested.

It seems fairly clear by now that the real blocking issue is the perception, or reaction to it, that encoding Klingon would be undignified to Unicode.

Other concerns, such as IP encumbrance and insufficient demonstrated usage and faddishness, may be important factors as well. But those can be disproven in an updated proposal, or by time, whereas the "dignity" issue is a matter of perception, and no amount of work that Mark or anyone else does can disprove or change that.

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