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Doug Ewell doug at ewellic.org
Wed Oct 13 10:22:39 CDT 2021

OK, James forced me into this thread.

>> Well, obviously it should be 𐑌𐐨𐐪𐑀𐑉𐐲𐑁𐐨. Or, if you prefer, 𐑯𐑰𐑭𐑜𐑮𐑩𐑓𐑰.
> Or even  / .

Pronunciation of newly coined English words is notoriously unstandardized, but I agree with those who notice the similarity between "geography" (which I pronounce /ʤiːˈɑːɡɹəfiː/) and "neography" (hence /niːˈɑːɡɹəfiː/). There's no /oː/ as in "go" in either of these words, not for me anyway.

So the latter would be ́, or really ́ as the schwa should be used minimally. Don't forget the accent on multi-syllable words.

This is probably not much farther out of scope than some other recent posts.

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