Encoding ConScripts

James Kass jameskass at code2001.com
Tue Oct 12 19:59:38 CDT 2021

On 2021-10-12 6:18 PM, William_J_G Overington via Unicode wrote:
> > The word "most" seemed kinder than "with one exception,".
> Indeed. Thank you.
> It also has the advantage that if one or more people agree with me 
> that it will still be true.

Yes.  And if you could find just one person to agree with you, then 
you'd both be wrong.
> ...  The character map has plenty of unused space.

It's not like a penny collection folder where the goal is to fill every 
> If an exception can be made for emoji then an exception can be made 
> for encoding by examined thesis.

Encoding emoji was an anomaly prompted by peculiar circumstances and a 
unique chain of events.  Nobody should ever cite it as precedent, so of 
course everybody will.  Sigh.
> Futuristic policies are needed for the future.

Anybody can predict the future if accuracy isn't important.  In the 
event, policies must be based on current realities rather than speculation.

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