Arabic for South Sudan languages

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Mon Oct 11 19:18:51 CDT 2021

On 10/10/2021 9:15 PM, Anshuman Pandey via Unicode wrote:
> But, I denounce the encoding in the Unicode standard of any new sign that results from coercive practices. I want to see*natural*  support and usage. Not people being forced to use new signs. Disgusting. Just because a particular political group took over some area, does not compel Unicode to accept their coercion.

Preventing people from using an orthography because you dislike their 
reason for using it shouldn't be one of the process goals. Where do you 
draw the line? Prescriptive orthography reform?

Now, the reverse would be true. If someone came and said "we've outlawed 
the following orthography/characters" that's not a reason for Unicode do 
mark them deprecated or to overturn stability and delete them.

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