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Sat Oct 9 10:17:08 CDT 2021

Anshuman Pandey wrote:

> I’ll be discussing some metrics that may be used for evaluating 
> neographies (nod to Ken W for that term), conscripts, or whatever 
> you’d like to call them.

One way I have of looking at an invention of mine is to regard it as a 
constructed language.

So, I regard it as Language Y and then I am able for it to have a 
language code


which uses the Private Use facility of the language code system.

Language Y has whole sentences, but no individual words, and each of 
those sentences is grammatically independent of all of the other 
sentences. Each sentence has a glyph and an encoding for the sentence.

The idea is that Language Y can be used as a pivot language between 
natural languages, simply, and using computing or manual process, with 
precision of result, by having, for each natural language supported, 
what I call a sentence.dat file that has a list of pairs of sentences, 
one in Language Y, represented by its encoding, and one in the natural 
language, expressed in Unicode plain text.

I fully appreciate that there are a vast number of possible sentences in 
a language, yet I am not purporting that this invention will do 
everything, just that it could potentially be useful in some specific 

I am not a linguist. I am interested in languages and in communication 
through the language barrier. My background is in applied physics and 
mathematics and so I have looked at the issue as one of a mathematical 
nature, so it is just possible that that approach, linked with 
consideration by an expert linguist could produce something with useful 

I accept that I may have missed something basic, but if any such issues 
are pointed out to me, maybe they can be resolved.

I am hoping that one day that Language Y will become encoded into The 
Unicode Standard.

William Overington

Saturday 9 October 2021

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