QID emoji (from Re: The encoding of flags)

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Thu Oct 7 13:55:23 CDT 2021

When UTC last discussed the QID proposal, there were significant concerns raised, and not a consensus to support. UTC has no plans for further discussion of the QID proposal.


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James Kass wrote:

> QID Emoji fonts are possible with existing technology ...


> ... and don't require any action/approval by Unicode.

Well, is that correct? The most recent thing I saw was that it went to a recent Unicode Technical Committee meeting and that there was a long discussion. I do not know what was said or what conclusions, if any, were reached.

> A lack of QID Emoji fonts suggests that there is little demand for them.

Well, if the format is approved and time has passed since that approval, then that could possibly be true, but has the format been approved?

I produced an experimental font based on the original proposal to try the concept - only one glyph and that was just a test glyph displayed, not a realistic glyph. Yet it worked well and was a useful personal learning experience.

So what is the present situation regarding QID emoji please?

William Overington

Thursday 7 October 2021

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