Agreement for Paramount

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Tue Nov 30 11:54:10 CST 2021

"Initiative has to come from the proposers... Unicode doesn't have the 
capacity to take the lead in preparing proposals..."  I thought that's 
what I was doing (with my own volunteered time). I'm working on finding 
out if, after not-taking the lead, Unicode is at least willing to follow 
up, which apparently they have to do (or rather, nobody else can do it, 
but they don't have to; I can only hope they will.)  Working on it.  
These exchanges have given me an idea of another route to explore.


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> > If Unicode is willing to do the negotiations, why are we still 
> arguing about this?
> The Unicode Consortium isn’t prepared to take the lead in establishing 
> engagement from 3rd-party IP holders. That initiative needs to come 
> from the proposers championing the encoding of a given script. With 
> all of the many scripts that are candidates for encoding, Unicode 
> doesn’t have the capacity to take the lead in preparing proposals for 
> individual scripts, or even to take the lead in resolving questions of 
> IP rights in cases in which there are potential concerns. It’s enough 
> for the volunteers (whose time has been donated, in most cases, by 
> their employers) to vet proposals and work through the technical 
> details that often need to be sorted out.
> Peter
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