SignWriting (was Re: New CJK characters)

James Kass jameskass at
Thu Nov 4 18:55:42 CDT 2021

On 2021-11-04 4:51 PM, john_h_jenkins via Unicode wrote:
> As I understand it, the encoded repertoire for Sutton SignWriting is inadequate for actual display of text because Unicode doesn’t provide a mechanism for the two-dimensional layout SignWriting uses (TUS p. 831). In this, it’s like music and mathematics.

This is correct as far as the currently encoded repertoire.  My 
understanding is that the current repertoire represents the characters 
without any layout mechanism, but that the mechanism was considered 
essential (as 'spelling') and would be proposed separately.  (Maybe it 
was proposed separately and rejected, IDK.)

Quoting from:

"In terms of UCS encoding, two main stages will be required. The first 
stage (represented in this proposal) is simpler: the encoding of the 
basic characters. These are simply graphic characters, proposed to be 
encoded in Plane 1. The second stage will deal with the spatial 
organization of SignWriting characters. The latter are anticipated to be 
encoded as control characters specific to SignWriting, probably in Plane 

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