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As I understand it, the encoded repertoire for Sutton SignWriting is inadequate for actual display of text because Unicode doesn’t provide a mechanism for the two-dimensional layout SignWriting uses (TUS p. 831). In this, it’s like music and mathematics. 

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> Sutton Signwriting is completely compositional, and yet it was encoded despite all the downfalls 
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> This is actually touched on in TUS (§ 18.2) and the FAQ (Why doesn't the Unicode Standard adopt a compositional model for encoding Han ideographs? Wouldn't that save a large number of code points?). Outside of the momentum issue mentioned, compositional methods don’t work because of “spelling” ambiguity and failure to address issues such as collation, text-to-speech, searching, semantic analysis—basically, everything you want to use text for *other* than rendering. Even in rendering, you aren’t covering the region-specific shapes, at least not with IDS. 

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