Confusables.txt might be too sensitive

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Mon Jun 7 12:05:48 CDT 2021

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> No other small Latin letter is flagged as a confusable. (Not even the
> letter "o").

All the other latin letters ARE listed as confusable. I'm curious how the
implementation decides which ones to flag. The only thing unique about "m",
versus the rest of the latin alphabet, seems to be that it's confusable
with a two-character sequence. But surely the implementation doesn't
restrict itself to only such cases, so what is happening here? Why is "m"
causing a problem, but "o" is not, when both are confusable with other
characters? Does it have to do with the input being restricted to ASCII (or
some other limited set) and so other characters are removed as
possibilities, leaving the latin set as non-confusable (aside from "m")?

Sławomir Osipiuk
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