Suggestion for superscripts

Hans Åberg haberg-1 at
Fri Jun 4 03:27:54 CDT 2021

> On 4 Jun 2021, at 09:45, Daniel Buncic via Unicode <unicode at> wrote:
> Am 04.06.2021 um 01:14 schrieb Don Peterson via Unicode:
>> Alas, that's not a solution for environments like a text editor, bash
>> window, terminal, etc.
> Well, an environment where real superscripts can for some reason not be
> implemented could display those “arrow parentheses” as control
> characters.  Something like Pa↑(-1.3)·s⁻² would in fact look better and
> be more unambiguous than Pa**-1.3·s⁻² or Pa^-1.3·s⁻² (where one does not
> really know whether the s⁻² is part of the exponent or not).

For plain text input in a program, I use superscript and subscript parentheses, which look good and are easy to read. For example:

I ditched the arrows approach, which I used first, inspired by programs like TeX, finding the rendering less appealing.

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