Please provide green skin-color for emojis

James Kass jameskass at
Thu Jul 29 01:40:34 CDT 2021

On 2021-07-29 3:56 AM, Hugh Perkins via Unicode wrote:
> In many countries, green signals 'go', 'ok', I feel, so a green
> thumbs-up emoji conveys in both the shape (thumbs up), and the color
> (green), the idea that the emoji'd concept/idea/text is a good idea.

A green thumb also conveys proficiency in horticulture.

There are several businesses using the name "Green Thumbs Up" (they seem 
related to landscaping), so there are already logos and icons available 
supporting this concept.

Even beyond private logos, "green thumb up" appears to be popular as 
clip art.  Many images exist:
So it should already be possible to include "green thumb up" with text 
as an in-line graphic.

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