Khitan Small Script chart glyphs

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Thu Dec 9 14:51:53 CST 2021

> Le 9 déc. 2021 à 21:24, James Kass via Unicode <unicode at> a écrit :
> Looking over the 14.0 charts for Khitan Small Script, it appears that the glyphs used for U+18BDE and U+18CCA are identical.  Is there a distinction I'm missing, or is one of those glyphs incorrect?

Yes, this has been recently documented in the Updates and Errata <> document:

> The code charts for Khitan Small Script in Unicode version 14.0 show the glyphs for U+18BDE and U+18CCA as identical. However, the characters are are not duplicates. The glyph for U+18CCA will be modified in a future version of the standard.

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