Re: superscript π?

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Mon Aug 2 10:43:40 CDT 2021

On Sun, Aug 1, 2021 at 10:13 PM Doug Ewell via Unicode
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> You may not realize how much this statement torpedoes your basic argument for encoding superscript π. "Let's encode all of them" is exactly the floodgate Unicode is trying to avoid opening.

I'd add that not everyone uses Latin-based languages, as well. Why
shouldn't a Cherokee math teacher be able to write Ꭱ^ᎢᏫ? Or a Chinese
economics teacher 基^息? Even within Latin languages, natural characters
have all sorts of diacritics on them, like ĉ, ĥ, and õ, with
mathematics offering its own set. CJKV ideographs alone are the
majority of Unicode characters, and with a billion Chinese speakers,
I'll eat my hat if there aren't published examples of ideographs being
used that way.

The standard is written in English . If you have trouble understanding
a particular section, read it again and again and again . . . Sit up
straight. Eat your vegetables. Do not mumble. -- _Pascal_, ISO 7185

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