Subscripts and superscripts

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Mon Aug 2 09:31:23 CDT 2021

Proven of course by the fact that several superscript letters are to be 
added in Unicode 14, including superscript capital Q.

On 2021-08-02 21:28, Hans Åberg via Unicode wrote:
>> On 2 Aug 2021, at 07:09, Doug Ewell via Unicode 
>> <unicode at> wrote:
>> Although the Unicode Technical Committee has stated many, many times 
>> that additional superscript and subscript letters will not be encoded, 
>> except to support natural-language orthographies and phonetic 
>> notation, it’s impossible to predict whether that principle will be 
>> upheld forever. We do have things in Unicode today that were once "no, 
>> not ever" and some that appeared as a Notice of Non-Approval.
> A factor might be what modern text-only renderers might be able to
> handle. Today, the norm is a display where there ought to be no
> problem with subscripts and superscripts even when nested.

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