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Doug Ewell doug at
Wed Sep 23 11:34:33 CDT 2020

Marius Spix wrote:

> The Netherlands Antilles (ISO 3166-2 code AN) were dissolved in 2010.
> Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten became constituent states. But
> Bonaire, Saba und Sint Eustatius are only special municipalities of
> the Netherlands, but they became their own ISO 3166-2 code BQ in
> addition to NL. The codes BQ-BO, BQ-SA and BQ-SE are synonyms of
> NL-BQ1, NL-BQ2 and NL-BQ3. So I would recommend to encode the
> subdivision flag sequences <flag>NLBQ1<cancel>, <flag>NLBQ2<cancel>
> and <flag>NLBQ3<cancel> similar to the flags of England, Scotland and
> Wales. 
The tag letters should actually be lowercase:

🏴bqbo✦  for Bonaire
🏴bqsa✦  for Saba
🏴bqse✦  for Sint Eustatius

where 🏴 is U+1F3F4 WAVING BLACK FLAG (tag_base), ✦ represents U+E007F TAG CANCEL (tag_end), and the letters in between are Plane 14 tag characters, as described in UTS #51.

These sequences are not RGI (recommended for general interchange), which does not necessarily mean they are "not recommended," but does mean you might have trouble finding implementations that recognize them.
As "Netherlands Antilles" is no longer an entity, the flag of Caribbean Netherlands (Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba) is actually the same as the flag of the Netherlands proper. That means the RIS characters "BQ" should actually display that flag, not the flag of Bonaire as Benson Muite stated. But there are no absolute guarantees as to how platforms will render flag emoji.

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