Teletext separated mosaic graphics

Doug Ewell doug at
Sun Oct 11 15:52:15 CDT 2020

William_J_G Overington wrote:

> I opine that the elegant long-term solution for the teletext control
> characters is to encode twenty-seven codes from a block of thirty-two
> code points in plane 14, keeping one-to-one correspondence with the
> final five bits of the original teletext control code encoding. They
> could be encoded as displayable characters so as to provide a
> graceful, helpful, fallback if specialist software to act upon the
> characters as if they are teletext control characters is not
> available.

Anyone may write a proposal for whatever characters they wish.

I will not be participating in such a proposal, because those of us who worked on the Symbols for Legacy Computing proposal asked two or three years ago about encoding control characters disguised as graphic characters, and the answer from Script Ad Hoc was that they were outside the scope of what UTC would encode; and I do not believe UTC's attention span, in terms of fundamentally changing what they will and will not encode (as suggested by the earlier reference to emoji), is as short as two or three years.

Members of Script Ad Hoc and UTC recommended to us that code points in the UCS range from U+0000 to U+001F be used to implement teletext functions originally encoded in the 7-bit range from 0x00 to 0x1F. I suggest that those who disagree with this approach take it up with those who recommended it.

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