Teletext separated mosaic graphics

William_J_G Overington wjgo_10009 at
Sat Oct 10 05:40:35 CDT 2020

Mark E. Shoulson wrote:
> I assumed, since you were responding to that, that you were drawing 
> some sort of parallel, that it should be possible to have a layer on 
> top of plain text, i.e. a markup layer, wherein certain printable 
> characters could represent other meanings.
Your assumption was correct.
> It sounds like your request didn't actually relate to what Doug Ewell 
> was saying, since you then reject markup solutions.
Well, I suppose that there may well quite justifiably seem to be a 
logical inconsistency in me not being enthusiastic about some particular 
markup solutions and then suggesting what is another markup solution. In 
my mind there is a big difference in that my suggestion does not involve 
overloading the original meaning of the character with another 
distinctly different meaning. So in my mind my request for encoding the 
teletext control characters as displayable characters in plane 14 with 
the specific and documented intention that they may, but need not, be 
used in a markup manner did, and still does, seem to build upon what 
Doug wrote. Yet maybe I am pushing the envelope too far, though maybe 
not. I opine that, notwithstanding any possible logical inconsistency 
with longstanding custom and practice, encoding the teletext control 
characters as displayable characters in plane 14 as I suggest is the 
best long term solution. However, I am open to other suggestions if 
anyone can think of a better way to proceed.
> I drew the wrong conclusion; ...
No, you were correct.
> ... I guess you meant to post your request/suggestion in a new thread 
> and not as a reply.
I was building on what Doug wrote.
William Overington
Saturday 10 October 2020

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