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Mon Oct 5 09:05:47 CDT 2020

 I know I am going off your topic here, and I apologize:

But for backwards bug-for-bug compatibility, I wonder how these characters
can be of any use as separate characters:
their usefulness lies exactly in being able to use 1/6 character blocks as
pixels in a contiguous image laid-out with
characters. I mean, that even for an application that should behave like a
legacy application, would not
its visuals be improved by contiguous mosaics?
Do you have any example were separate mosaics looks better, or do you need
it just to achieve the
same look and feel?

I emphasize I am just asking this out of curiosity.



Do you have

On Mon, 5 Oct 2020 at 09:27, Rob Hardy via Unicode <unicode at>

> Thanks for the replies.
> When I mentioned the text file scenario, I was just thinking about a copy
> and paste from my application into some other app, so it's not really the
> main scenario.  I'm actually using SVG/CSS to draw the page, which includes
> flashing and a 'press reveal' function for concealed characters that a text
> file obviously wouldn't recreate.
> As mentioned, the font I found (UNSCII) uses private use characters for
> the separated mosaics, so I'll use those for now.  (Another option would
> have been to draw a mask over the contiguous mosaics, but then that's not
> far removed from drawing the mosaics as SVG shapes instead of text).
> Rob.
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