Please fix the trademark policy in regards to code

Ken Whistler kenwhistler at
Thu Oct 1 09:27:11 CDT 2020

References to "unicode" in code and related files and libraries would 
generally be considered just a functional "fair use" reference, and 
nothing more.  Accordingly, the Unicode Consortium would not take 
exception to such a use, nor would it require the use of the trademark 
symbol in code, for the reasons you state.  We don't cover this in the 
Trademark Usage Policy because it is simply not necessary to do so - 
covering every possible manner of fair use reference would make the 
policy overly long and complex.

--Ken Whistler, Technical Director, Unicode, Inc.

On 9/29/2020 11:35 PM, Ellie via Unicode wrote:
> if I am reading the trademark policy correctly I might be required to
> rename my "unicode.c" source code file to "Unicode® implementation.c" or
> some similar ugliness (in my humble opinion) to satisfy the "Trademark
> Usage Policy", because it seems any sort of exception for source code
> was left out. Not only does this not fit well with how I see many people
> name their code files, but also special symbols can cause issues in
> archives/tarballs when sharing the code. Furthermore, it seems like I
> would need to add the ® into my variable names as well, even if the
> language/compiler in question doesn't even support unicode characters,
> and uppercase the U even if that doesn't fit with any of the coding style.

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