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> What if instead of using a QID which on its own is just meaningless
> numbers, we do tag_start, then write out a word in the tag letters, then
> close it off with a tag_end. this way, if your device doesn't have the
> font, it can fall back by rendering the tags through regular character
> (with an indicator that an emoji is supposed to be there)
> Example:
> Suppose I type: “I love ⎆triceratops✦” (with ⎆ being tag_start; ✦ being
> tag_end; and everything between being tag ascii characters E0020-E007E),

I think many people would not like the limitation to the ASCII repertoire
which requires that the word is in English or a few other languages where
all or some words can be reasonably spelled that way.
Part of the attraction of symbols is also a lesser dependence on language.

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