Distinguishing COENG TA from COENG DA in Khmer script

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> Kent Karlsson via Unicode <unicode at unicode.org> wrote:
>> To make this a little bit less abstract: what did (what is now) COENG
>> DA look like well before 1930?
> See pp25 and 26 of 'Inventaire provisoire des caractères et divers
> signes des écritures khmères pré-modernes et modernes employés pour la
> notation du khmer, du siamois, des dialectes thaïs méridionaux, du
> sanskrit et du pāli' by Michel Antelme and read Note 5 on p25.  He
> gives the transliteration of TA and DA as 'ta' and 'ṭa'.  The tables
> treat the merger as a change of spelling.

”The tables treat the merger as a change of spelling.” I think that is key.

> A copy of the paper is
> available at http://aefek.free.fr/iso_album/antelme_bis.pdf.
> The font Khmer2004 mentioned by Antelme, which is targeted at the Khom
> (Antelme writes this word 'khạma') variant of the script, is put
> through its paces at http://www.khmerfonts.info/fontinfo.php?font=1507 .  
> The display starts with the alphabet, with each letter displayed on
> itself as a subscript.
> Richard.

I note that both the references here give a ”DA-like” shape to ”COENG DA”.

/Kent Karlsson

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