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> […] the recent addition to Unicode mentioned by David Starner and Doug Ewell, "214 graphic characters that provide compatibility with various home computers from the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s and with early teletext broadcasting standards”.

Note, however, that Teletext is not something obsolete in any way. It does still use charsets that have (otherwise) grown obsolete, e.g. several ”national variants” of ISO 646, but also cover Greek, Arabic and Hebrew, with the charset used communicated in the Teletext protocol. But Teletext is still supported in every TV set (and ”TV box”) sold the last few decades in at least Europe and likely other parts of the world as well. Using Teletext for news service is very much on the decline, that is true. But Teletext is still often used for optional subtitling.

See https://www.etsi.org/deliver/etsi_en/300700_300799/300706/01.02.01_60/en_300706v010201p.pdf <https://www.etsi.org/deliver/etsi_en/300700_300799/300706/01.02.01_60/en_300706v010201p.pdf> (from 2003) for the standard describing it.

There are (now) apps for mobile phones showing Teletext pages from certain TV channels (some still offer news services via Teletext); I find apps for SVT (Swedish public television) and Danish TV, and one that offers Teletext pages from several countries. These apps must convert to Unicode (at some point, since that is what is used for mobile phone apps…), or use graphics... As well as web pages showing current Teletext data, e.g. https://www.svt.se/svttext/web/pages/100.html <https://www.svt.se/svttext/web/pages/100.html>, https://www.nrk.no/tekst-tv/100/ <https://www.nrk.no/tekst-tv/100/>, https://www.dr.dk/cgi-bin/fttx1.exe/100 <https://www.dr.dk/cgi-bin/fttx1.exe/100>, https://www.rtve.es/television/teletexto/100/ <https://www.rtve.es/television/teletexto/100/>. (These, and a few more, still have news services via Teletext.)

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