OverStrike control character

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Sun Jun 21 05:36:43 CDT 2020

On Sun, 21 Jun 2020 at 02:33, abrahamgross--- via Unicode
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> Basically, yes. unicode has plenty of basic geometric shapes throughout that can be utilized to build interchangeable (and non-PUA) characters. (if Classical Yi ever get accepted, then youll be able to use just about any shape out there for your overstriking needs (the proposal lists over 88k new chars!))

There is no such thing as "Classical Yi" (i.e. a single
language/script with a well-known and well-studied corpus of literary
texts) -- if there was we would have encoded it ten years ago. The
proposal you refer to just lists an unorganized and unified list of
glyph forms used in multiple different Yi script traditions and
manuscript sources. It is not even a starting point for a proper
encoding proposal. In fact there are likely to be several separate
proposals for additional Yi scripts representing separate regional
traditions, each comprising about a thousand characters or so. See for
example my listing of 1,389 characters used in the Sani Yi script:



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