OverStrike control character

abrahamgross at disroot.org abrahamgross at disroot.org
Tue Jun 9 21:50:07 CDT 2020

It should just simply overlay the pixels of the two characters, with a thin character going in the center of a wider character.

It shouldnt do any fancy processing by default (unless if a font actually cares enough to mess with it). Most systems have just about the same font so I wouldn't worry about the results of overstriking not coming out perfect. Even if doesn't come out perfect, I'd take almost-exact-representation over no-represtation any day.

2020/06/09 午後8:02:39 Sławomir Osipiuk via Unicode <unicode at unicode.org>:

> 2. Overstriking arbitrary characters is a qualitatively different
> process than using combining characters. In the latter case, the set
> of characters is restricted, and certain algorithms can be applied to
> make the presentation look sane (to varying degrees of success).
> Overstriking implies the need for the rendering engine to be able to
> combine any two characters, regardless of elements that interfere or
> clash. It seems simple in principle to just render the characters
> separately and overlay the pixels, but I'm very skeptical of what the
> results would actually look like in real-life, with users making
> unpredictable font and formatting choices.

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