German long S (was: Why do the Hebrew Alphabetic Presentation Forms Exist)

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Fri Jun 5 06:26:50 CDT 2020


am 2020-06-04 um 9:31 hat Marius Spix via Unicode geschrieben:
> Unicode also has German s (U+0073) and ſ (U+017F) which are
> equivalent,

No, they are not equivalent. In any orthography using “ſ”, at all,
“s” marks the end of a word, or of a constituent of a compound.
Thus, e. g.
- “Wachstube” [ˈvakstuːbə] = “Wachs-Tube”, a tube containing wax
- “Wachſtube“ [ˈvaxʃtuːbə] = “Wach-Stube”, guard room

Just a reminder, we have discussed this earlier in this list.

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