Why do the Hebrew Alphabetic Presentation Forms Exist

abrahamgross at disroot.org abrahamgross at disroot.org
Wed Jun 3 21:21:39 CDT 2020

This is exactly why I want the folded lamed.

(I also want the headless lamed cuz I've also seen it used a lot and I really like it. its especially useful when u need to put a RAFE or other trop/accent marks on a folded lamed)

2020/06/03 午後9:44:18 Mark E. Shoulson via Unicode <unicode at unicode.org>:
> The bent LAMED was invented for reasons of typesetting: LAMED is the only letter with an ascender, and it tended to get in the way of things with Hebrew text being set with little or no leading and letter-height filling almost the entire line-height.  You can see where there are straight LAMEDs on your page, that their ascenders reach into places in the line above that happen to be open enough not to cause problems, like spaces between words or letters with no baseline.  Otherwise, the bent LAMED was pressed into service, because that's what it's for.

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