Is there a difference between converting a string of ASCII digits to an integer versus a string of non-ASCII digits to an integer?

Doug Ewell doug at
Wed Dec 23 17:59:59 CST 2020

Richard Wordingham wrote:
>> I suggest you double-check about the RTL digits (N'Ko & Adlam);
>> please take a look at the relevant Unicode book chapters.
> It looks as though the N'ko section documents the significance by
> accident!  I thought a policy was going to be documented (2012 or
> slightly later) that decimal digits are stored most significant
> digit first, but that doesn't seem to have happened.
It happened for N’Ko anyway:
“N’Ko uses decimal digits specific to the script. These digits have
strong right-to-left directionality. Numbers are stored in text in
logical order with most significant digit first; when displayed,
numerals are then laid out in right-to-left order, with the most
significant digit at the rightmost side, as illustrated for the numeral
144 in Figure 19-3. This situation differs from how numerals are handled
in Hebrew and Arabic, where numerals are laid out in left-to-right
order, even though the overall text direction is right to left.”
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