Italics get used to express important semantic meaning, so unicode should support them

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am 2020-12-17 um 15:41 schrieb abrahamgross--- via Unicode:
> Microsoft Word does a very good job auto capitalizing, so the same internal dictionary that Word uses can also be used by OpenType to shape lowercase into uppercase. for the edge cases where you want uppercase when it doesn't automatically do it, you can use opentype alternate variants, or some other <captial letter goes here> char (like the joiners or something)

Whatever MS Word does, it cannot decide the correct spelling in many 
cases, as the casing may well make a semantic difference.

For example, you may well serve a turkey for dinner, but never a Turkey.
A notorious German example:
   Er hat in Moskau liebe Genossen. (= He’s got dear comrades at Moskow)
   Er hat in Moskau Liebe genossen. (= He has enjoyed love at Moskow)
   (And I assure you, the prosody varies accordingly, hence the
   difference is quite clear in speech, and must be preserved
   in writing.)

As only the author (and no other stage, be it human or automatic) can 
know the intended meaning, Unicode is quite right when encoding the case 

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