Italics get used to express important semantic meaning, so unicode should support them

Doug Ewell doug at
Wed Dec 16 12:05:52 CST 2020

abrahamgross wrote:

>> Children learn to write with upper case and lower case letters in
>> school, and most people continue to use both as adults. (There are
>> exceptions of course, some people write only with lower case, and
>> some only with upper case.)
> Unicode refused to encode arabic letter variants (not counting
> compatibility chars), which are taught in school and adults use it,
> and its how arabic is written, so ur argument here doesn't hold water.

I'm not sure what to make of that sentence. That's like saying "Unicode refused to encode the capital letter A (not counting U+0041)."

The compatibility characters are exactly how one is supposed to represent Arabic letter forms outside of their normal context, as described here.

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