Code2003 is a rip-off

James Kass jameskasskrv at
Sat Aug 15 21:32:28 CDT 2020

(This was sent off-list to Richard Wordingham but I'd intended to reply 
to the list.)

On 2020-08-16 1:21 AM, James Kass wrote:
> On 2020-08-16 1:11 AM, Richard Wordingham via Unicode wrote:
>>>> Bringing the matter more clearly into the scope of this list, is the
>>>> original goal of Code2000 still achievable?  Is it achievable
>>>> without horrendous artistic compromises?
>>> I believe it is possible.  Not in a single font, of course, unless
>>> the specs change.
>> I meant coverage of the assigned BMP in a single font.
> Ahh.  Yes, I think so.  Haven't done the math, though.  Such a font 
> would be well suited for populating charts but complex shaping 
> wouldn't be happening.  So running text in complex scripts would 
> render poorly.  But not supporting any BMP PUA characters in the font 
> might leave enough room for unmapped glyphs such as ligatures to make 
> complex shaping possible for at least some of the BMP scripts.

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