Code2003 is a rip-off

James Kass jameskasskrv at
Sat Aug 15 18:24:44 CDT 2020

On 2020-08-15 11:33 AM, Richard Wordingham via Unicode wrote:
> Have you read the legal defence at
> ?
> I think the editor's arguments are wrong, but I think 'rip-off' is too
> strong a word.
No, I hadn't seen this and need to read it carefully.  A quick Google 
search for St. Gigafont and so forth failed to get me any contact 
information.  Thank you for the link.   (Heh, heh, since I was "royally 
miffed" at the time, I may have searched for "St. Gigabyte", or something.)
> Artistically, you could be aggrieved by the removal of shaping -
> Devanagari shaping is completely gone.
Probably because of the limitation on the number of glyphs possible in a 
font.  Once you start adding stuff beyond Plane Zero, you run out of room.

>> Some download web sites request donations.  Any donations are going
>> to "St. Gigafont", not to me.
> I hope that at least they are being channelled to St. Gigafont.  I
> found a copy of the font that said, in its name table, both that it
> was licensed under the SIL Open Font Licence, and that it was
> shareware, to be licensed from you for US$5.  Does my licence from you
> cover me for Code2003 so far as your rights are concerned?
That question should probably be directed to the developer of Code2003.

> Have you managed to contact "St. Gigafont"?  It's conceivable that some
> of the donations have been set aside for you.  It would seem that "St.
> Gigafont" has been hosting Code2000 and Code2001. You might even
> recover an income trickle.
It's not about the money.  Based on the above link and additional 
information, I will certainly attempt to make the acquaintance of the 
Code2003 "developer".
> Bringing the matter more clearly into the scope of this list, is the
> original goal of Code2000 still achievable?  Is it achievable without
> horrendous artistic compromises?  I was recently horrified by how many
> ligatures are needed just to write Pali in the Sinhala script, let
> alone Sanskrit.
I believe it is possible.  Not in a single font, of course, unless the 
specs change.  But with the font family / collection I think it can be 
done.  Wish I'd started on this fifty years ago instead of 22 years ago, 
though.  But I didn't even have a computer in 1970.

Best regards,

James Kass

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