Tamil Brahmi Virama at U+11070

N. Ganesan naa.ganesan at gmail.com
Sun Aug 9 13:30:44 CDT 2020

I read in this month's UTC meeting minutes,
*>Consensus:* Accept U+11070 BRAHMI SIGN OLD TAMIL VIRAMA for encoding
>in a future version of the standard.

We thank UTC for this decision. It will be far easier to know which is
Tamil Brahmi Virama (from other diacritics) when a plain-text message is
posted in social media etc., in the future.

Just last week, a Shiva Linga with the words, "ekan aatan kOTTam" in Tamil
Brahmi inscription has been found in a Shiva temple at Kinnimangalam, near
Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Because of the paleography with a fully developed
PuLLi system (5 puLLis!), this Lingam ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lingam )
can be dated to being ~1800 years old. There are 3 Lingas with Tamil Brahmi
inscribed on them at (1) Netrambakkam near Madras (2) Kinnimangalam near
Madurai and (3) Inuvil in Sri Lanka island and they form the source for all
later PaLLippadai memorial temples in Pallava period and in South East
Asia, called as Devaraja cult temples such as in Cambodia.


N. Ganesan
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