Basic Unicode character/string support absent even in modern C++

Tom Honermann tom at
Tue Apr 21 16:21:10 CDT 2020

Hi Shriramana.

The WG21 (C++ standard working group) SG16 (Unicode and text processing) 
study group is pursuing solutions for this issue.  I encourage you to 
reach out to them with your request and ideas.  See

Unfortunately, it is a difficult issue to address in a portable way for 
a variety of reasons.  A few of these are discussed with regard to 
char8_t at


On 4/21/20 12:03 PM, Shriramana Sharma via Unicode wrote:
> char16_t and char32_t along with the corresponding string types 
> u16string and u32string were added in C++11:
> But till date one can't write any of them to cout. A simple cout << 
> u'அ' or cout << u"சொல்" doesn't work and throws umpteen lines of 
> obscure compiler errors.
> Some relevant threads:
> I really don't understand the point of having character and string 
> types if you can't print them!
> I don't accept the rationale (which seems to be mentioned in the top 
> answer to that first question) that there isn't so much demand for 
> writing to such an encoding.
> First of all, the encoding exists precisely because it's useful. 
> Second, this is about writing *from* that encoding to plain cout which 
> one assumes connects to a UTF-8 console. Or if that assumption isn't 
> acceptable, then resolve it! Let there be a proper encoding setting 
> for cout.
> It would seem that C++'s std::cout isn't really a "character" output 
> (or is it console output) unlike Qt's QTextStream or Python's 
> sys.stdout. Those seem to handle Unicode just fine.
> If there's someone here with the wherewithal to get this C++ situation 
> fixed, my humble request to you to do so!

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