Basic Unicode character/string support absent even in modern C++

Shriramana Sharma samjnaa at
Tue Apr 21 11:03:22 CDT 2020

char16_t and char32_t along with the corresponding string types u16string
and u32string were added in C++11:

But till date one can't write any of them to cout. A simple cout << u'அ' or
cout << u"சொல்" doesn't work and throws umpteen lines of obscure compiler

Some relevant threads:

I really don't understand the point of having character and string types if
you can't print them!

I don't accept the rationale (which seems to be mentioned in the top answer
to that first question) that there isn't so much demand for writing to such
an encoding.

First of all, the encoding exists precisely because it's useful. Second,
this is about writing *from* that encoding to plain cout which one assumes
connects to a UTF-8 console. Or if that assumption isn't acceptable, then
resolve it! Let there be a proper encoding setting for cout.

It would seem that C++'s std::cout isn't really a "character" output (or is
it console output) unlike Qt's QTextStream or Python's sys.stdout. Those
seem to handle Unicode just fine.

If there's someone here with the wherewithal to get this C++ situation
fixed, my humble request to you to do so!
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