Will TAGALOG LETTER RA, currently in the pipeline, be in the next version of Unicode?

Ken Whistler via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Fri Oct 11 12:17:19 CDT 2019

Short answer is no.

The characters in the pipeline section labeled "Characters Accepted for 
Version 13.0" are what will be in the beta review for 13.0 (look for 
that sometime next month), and then eventually in the published Version 
13.0 next month:


Characters listed in the "Characters for Future Versions" table:


are not yet targeted for any particular version. Many of them, including 
the Tagalog letter RA, will end up published in Unicode 14.0, but the 
detailed decisions on what makes it into Unicode 14.0 won't happen until 
sometime next summer.

Production of new versions of the Unicode Standard is a ponderous and 
lengthy operation, involving 4 UTC meetings, uncounted subcommittee 
meetings, dozens of specifications, hundreds of character properties, 
thousands of characters, hundreds of fonts, and intricate charts and QA 
process. It doesn't happen at the drop of a hat, which is why we 
schedule a full year for each new major release.

So, in general, no, you can *never* assume that once the UTC has just 
approved a new character that it will be in the next version of Unicode.


On 10/11/2019 4:35 AM, Fred Brennan via Unicode wrote:
> Many users are asking me and I'm not sure of the answer (nor how to find it
> out).
> The UTC approved it, so it will be in the next version of Unicode, right?
> We sure hope so...it is a character needed to write a script in current use.
> Although only a minority of people care about it, that minority is dedicated!
> Best,
> Fred Brennan

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