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> > >> Is the use of the Meitei script aspirational or customary?
> > >> Which script is being used for major newspapers, popular books,
> > >> and video captions?
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> > > This may give you some more information:
> > >
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> > Sorry, this should have been two separate URIs (about the same talk).
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> > >
> > >
> > > It's a recent talk at ATypI in Tokyo (sponsored by Google, among
> > > others).
> So newspaper sales tell us that the Bengali script is still the *usual*
> script for the language.

Yes. FYI in the video, the relevant part is at 14:04-14:34.
My transcription:

"Due to the lack of readership of Meetei Mayek, local newspapers continue
to use Bengali script. On 21st September 2008, Hueiyen Lanpao, a newspaper
company, published the first Meetei Mayek newspaper set entirely using
Meetei Mayek script. Although there have been small columns for Meetei
Mayek in other newspapers, Hueiyen Lanpao is still the only local newspaper
in all of Manipur to be printed using Meetei Mayek script till date."

Earlier the presenter says that Bengali is starting to disappear from
public signage.

Is that a different question to what the 'customary' script is?

To me, things like newspapers are among the most indicative of customary

>From what I understand, someone who wants to support this language should
prepare to support both Beng and Mtei, with emphasis on Beng now and Mtei

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