Encoding the Nsibidi script (African) for writing the Igbo language

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Mon Nov 11 10:30:53 CST 2019

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> But first there's still no code in ISO 15924 (first step easy to complete
> before encoding in the UCS).

That's not first; it's nearly last.

The script code standard says "In general, script codes shall be added to
ISO 15924 when the script has been coded in ISO/IEC 10646, and when the
script is agreed, by experts in ISO 15924/RA-JAC to be unique and a *candidate
for encoding in the UCS*."

We generally assign the script code when the script is in the pipeline for
a near-future version of Unicode, which demonstrates that it's "a candidate
for encoding". We also want the name of the script to be settled, so that
the script code can be roughly mnemonic for the name.

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