SHEQEL and L2/19-291

James Kass via Unicode unicode at
Wed Jul 24 21:52:02 CDT 2019

"With the issuing of the third series, the Bank of Israel has adopted 
the standard English spelling of shekel and plural shekels for its 
currency.[30] Previously, the Bank had formally used the Hebrew 
transcriptions of sheqel and sheqalim (from שְׁקָלִים‎).[31]"

BTW, Google flags "sheqel" in its search box as an incorrect spelling.

On 2019-07-25 2:23 AM, Mark E. Shoulson via Unicode wrote:
> Just looking at document L2/19-291,
> "Currency signs
> missing in Unicode" by Eduardo Marín Silva.  And I'm wondering why he feels it
> necessary for the Unicode standard to say that a more correct spelling for the
> Israeli currency would be "shekel" (and not "sheqel").  What criterion is being
> used that makes this "more correct"?  I think it's more popular and common, so
> maybe that's it.  But historically and linguistically, "sheqel" is more
> accurate.  The middle letter is ק, U+05E7 HEBREW LETTER QOF (which is not "more
> correctly" KOF), from the root ש־ק־ל Sh.Q.L meaning "weight".  It's true that
> Modern Hebrew does not distinguish K and Q phonetically in speech; maybe that is
> what is meant?  Still, the "historical" transliteration of QOF with Q is very
> widespread, and I believe occurs even on some coins/bills (could be wrong here;
> is this what is meant by "more correct"? That "shekel" is what is used
> officially on the currency and I am misremembering?)
> Just wondering about this, since it seems to be stressed in the document.
> ~mark

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