Unicode's got a new logo?

Steffen Nurpmeso via Unicode unicode at unicode.org
Thu Jul 18 13:50:03 CDT 2019

Yifán Wáng via Unicode wrote in <CAF5KyEyd0Ookvw6U4Pm+4iT+a2mSKizk6Jcp\
HzEcB-_oEBBF8A at mail.gmail.com>:
 |I cannot help but notice the new home.unicode.org site embraces a new
 |logo, blue base color with a humanist type, rather than the
 |traditional one, red and geometric. Does anybody know if it means that
 |Unicode wants to renew its logo or that they serve for different
 |purposes? Which should I cite as the official logo? I think I've read
 |the description and the blog post but couldn't find an explanation.

I also decided to enter /L2 directly from now on.
I am happy that you give me the opportunity to finally send a mail
regarding this topic.  (Excuses to the designers from Adobe.)

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